Тепих ARGENT - W4937 Дијаманти Крем

New product

Dywany Łuszczów

дебљина тепиха: 13 mm

Укупна маса: О томе 2,70 kg/m2

врста предива: 100% полипропилен

земља порекла: Турска

произвођач: Dywany Łuszczów


  трошкови доставе од: 24,70 €
  испорука за 48х
  шаљемо у иностранство
  30 дана за враћање робе
  2 године гаранције
  могуће је плаћање поузећем, контактирајте нас како бисмо утврдили трошкове

41,99 € Са ПДВ-ом.

59,99 € Са ПДВ-ом.

Најнижа цена у 30 дана пре попуста: 59,99 € Са ПДВ-ом.

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Више информација

Classic rug ARGENT

Searching for the right rug that matches the interior can be quite a challenge. There is no doubt that the best solution is to choose classic patterns and toned down colours.
Thanks to the use of shades of brown, beige and gray, ARGENT rugs will look well in the bedroom, living room, wardrobe and even in the hallway.
Retro and boho style enthusiasts will surely love it. The traditional look combined with modern production techniques makes these rugs suitable for classic interiors too.
Thanks to the use of colours referring to nature and precise workmanship, ARGENT rugs will appeal to the most demanding customers.

Characteristic features of the ARGENT rugs:

- thanks to the combination of different shades of brown and beige and use of a rustic pattern, the interior will become cozy and elegant;
- This rug will remain unchanged for many years thanks to the production method based on 100% polypropylene heat set frize. ;
- high grammage - 2.7 kg / m2 - makes the rug very dense, which prevents it from creasing and keeps its natural appearance for a long time;
- the use of synthetic fibers makes the rug completely safe for allergy sufferers and children;
- the carpet is Oeko-Tex certified, which means it has a high quality;
- usage is a pleasure thanks to the very soft fibers;
- thanks to the use of a dense fibers, the rug is very easy to clean;
- it is available in sizes from 133x190 cm to 240x330 cm, which makes it easy to fit it into any room;
- the product is completely safe when using underfloor heating.

When arranging your home, we should focus not only on aesthetics but also on the comfort of use.
These are the two features characteristic to the ARGENT rugs.
The softness of the rug will bring relaxation after a hard day at work.
The soft colours and patterns will be a lovely addition to classic interiors.

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