Ролетне ROYAL 803 злато

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Composition: 100% полиестер


  трошкови доставе од: 24,70 €
  испорука за 48х
  шаљемо у иностранство
  30 дана за враћање робе
  2 године гаранције
  могуће је плаћање поузећем, контактирајте нас како бисмо утврдили трошкове

7,20 € Са ПДВ-ом.

10,29 € Са ПДВ-ом.

Најнижа цена у 30 дана пре попуста: 10,29 € Са ПДВ-ом.

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The enhanced version of the MINI blinds.

Wipe send only the glass and opens with the window. Special brackets allow for non-invasive, very easy installation on the sash. Thus the blind is opened with the window.

No drilling, no screwing!

Equipped with side tension that holds the blind at the window, and thus can be easily installed as the tilting window or oblique.

Thanks to the delicate mechanism of the side chain and sinker in white blind gained visual lightness. A suitable weight of the metal of the weight causes no problems blind moves along the window. Roller chain fitted with a limiter which is designed to lock the blind in the desired position.

Royal Blind for the discerning customer with the fabric in the colors of gemstones such as pearl, emerald or ruby, the pearl weave fabric.


Each blind comes standard with a chain tensioner - very easy to assemble and organize the running part of the chain that maintains the chain to the window even with the repeal and allow easy operation with one hand blinds! Chain has a safety switch rivets.


Pearl 800, Jasper 801, 803 golden amber, opal 804, 806 ruby, emerald 807, szfir 8010, 811 agate, topaz 812

ROYAL MINI Dimensions (cm):

42.5x150, 57x150, 61.5x150, 72.5x150, 80x150, 97x150, 114x150, 68x215


winding tube of fabric, the weight of white metal with attached belt, tension side, the mechanism bead handle naokienny, chain stopper, Backplane for windows unopened.

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