Ексклузивно EMERALD Тепих 1019 гламур, стилски diamond, мермер крем / злато

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дебљина тепиха: 12 mm

Укупна маса: О томе 2,40 kg/m2

врста предива: полипропилен + полиестер Shrink

▪ произвођач: Dywany Łuszczów


  трошкови доставе од: 24,70 €
  испорука за 48х
  шаљемо у иностранство
  30 дана за враћање робе
  2 године гаранције
  могуће је плаћање поузећем, контактирајте нас како бисмо утврдили трошкове

38,40 € Са ПДВ-ом.

45,18 € Са ПДВ-ом.

Најнижа цена у 30 дана пре попуста: 45,18 € Са ПДВ-ом.

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Материјал Polipropylen + Polyester Shrink
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Luxury and elegance at home - rugs from the EMERALD collection

The rug is an accessory that very often dominates the character of the interior as the largest element of the decor. So let's choose a model that will emphasize the style of the apartment with its design.
Rugs from the EMERALD collection are beautiful accessories in a glamour style. Fashionable patterns combined with incredibly elegant colours will make the rug bring a touch of luxury to any interior. In addition to the aesthetic values, the undoubted advantage of the collection is also the highest quality of workmanship. The polypropylene with the addition of polyester used in the production will make the household members and guests delighted with the comfort provided by the rug. The combination of these fibers makes the rug slightly change its shades, depending on the angle of incidence of light and the thread will sparkle - this is a natural feature of polyester.
The exclusive design of EMERALD rugs will perfectly fit into the decor of the living room, bedroom or any other space. It will be a perfect complement to modern interiors. In classic arrangements, elegant colours emphasize peace and harmony of style.

Characteristics of the rugs from the EMERALD collection:

- Tasteful motifs combined with elegant colours will delight every lover of glamour style and modern elegance;
- The addition of gold in each pattern emphasizes the elegance and modernity of the collection;
- 12 mm long pile is easy to clean, regular vacuuming is enough to keep the rug looking great for many years;
- The combination of the highest quality polypropylene with shrink polyester makes the EMERALD collection rugs durable, resistant to abrasion and pleasant to the touch;
- Synthetic yarn is completely safe for people with allergies, children and the environment, which is confirmed by the OEKO-TEX certificate;
- The rug can also be used with underfloor heating;

Glamour-style interiors delight with their elegance and style. The EMERALD rug with beautiful, tasteful colours will undoubtedly be a perfect complement to the entire arrangement.

We fell in love with the rugs from the EMERALD collection at first sight! How much did you like them?


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