Тепих СИСАЛ BORDERO 2901 Равно ткани ецру / таупе

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дебљина тепиха: 7 mm

Укупна маса: О томе 1,60 kg/m2

врста предива: 100% полипропилен


  трошкови доставе од: 24,70 €
  испорука за 48х
  шаљемо у иностранство
  30 дана за враћање робе
  2 године гаранције
  могуће је плаћање поузећем, контактирајте нас како бисмо утврдили трошкове

35,77 € Са ПДВ-ом.

47,69 € Са ПДВ-ом.

Најнижа цена у 30 дана пре попуста: 47,69 € Са ПДВ-ом.

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Rug on your terrace? Yes, it's possible!

We usually choose rugs as an addition to our interiors. They bring a cozy atmosphere, warmth and protect against falling on a slippery floor.
What if you could add some of the home coziness to your terrace? It is possible, but you should choose the right rug for it.
Flat woven rugs are the best choice for outdoor decoration. They are extremely easy to clean and they are rainproof. They also increase safety and improve the comfort of rest.
Flat rugs are a very versatile decoration. They also fit perfectly into kitchen arrangements.
They are a very practical hallway decoration. Thanks to the use of interwoven fibers, there is no chance for dirt to get inside.
Great solution for people who likes to keep their house clean and for the ethusiasts of fashionable decorations.

Features of flat woven rugs:

- They are perfect for the kitchen, hall, terrace or balcony;
- Made of 100% polypropylene, they are very durable and retain their appearance for a long time;
- A wide range of colors will allow you to match them to almost any room and terrace arrangement;
- They are resistant to weather conditions, waterproof, and very easy to clean;
- They will ensure safety and protect children from the cold while playing outdoors.

Almost everyone loves to spend their free time outdoors.
Coffee or tea on the terrace always taste better and your favorite book is even more addictive.
That is why it is worth taking care of the arrangement outside our homes.
The choice of flat rugs is a guarantee that the household members and guests will be delighted with the new version of your balcony.

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