Модеран FISY ЦАРПЕТСИСАЛ 20776 цик-цак, меланге жута

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дебљина тепиха: 10 mm

Укупна маса: О томе 1,3 kg/m2

врста предива: 100% полипропилен


  трошкови доставе од: 24,70 €
  испорука за 48х
  шаљемо у иностранство
  30 дана за враћање робе
  2 године гаранције
  могуће је плаћање поузећем, контактирајте нас како бисмо утврдили трошкове

22,09 € Са ПДВ-ом.

27,61 € Са ПДВ-ом.

Најнижа цена у 30 дана пре попуста: 27,61 € Са ПДВ-ом.

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Don't you feel that your home is unpleasantly cold? Maybe you should consider buying something that will warm up your interior! A Sisal flat woven rug could be one of the better choices if you like to choose things that are practical and aesthetic at the same time. Although many people focused on minimizing house decor a few years back, they gladly reach for it again. Rugs finally make us feel like we are in a real, cozy home.

Practical flat woven rug

Do you associate carpets with unpleasant things? Heavy dirt that is difficult to wash? Creases that don't want to flatten down? A Sisal flat woven rug will let you forget about these issues! When deciding on this type of a rug, you need to know that it is:

- flat woven;
- very durable, retains its natural appearance for a long time,
- resistant to deformations,
- very practical to use and it is very easy to clean;
- resistant to weather conditions, so it can be used outdoors, e.g. on a balcony or terrace

The Sisal flat woven rug will look great in different interiors - Scandinavian, art deco, boho, classic or even modern interiors. It all depends on the furniture and accessories that are in your house. The sisal flat woven rug is very practical because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It fits perfectly in the living room, kitchen or in the office, as well as on the balcony and terrace.

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